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Senior Programme
Husband and Wife

All about us

Our Mission

Hei Oranga Ngakau Hei Pikinga Waiora -
Investing in the well being of families for the future.

Nga Tikanga - Our Values in Action are:

- Integrity and responsibility
- Care
- Spirituality
- Self-empowerment, knowledge and self-leadership
- Unity
- Cultural diversity, respect, trust and honesty

Our People

The Team

  • Chris Makoare - Manager
  • Arvind Patel - Budgeter
  • Natasha Leo - Administration
  • Kathleen Nelson - Social Worker
  • Lily Tarawa - Youth Worker
  • Cecile Canovas - Counsellor (Children and Young People)
  • John Hibbs - Counsellor (Relationship, Adult and Youth)
  • Anne Purcell - Community Development Parenting
  • Ane Valoa - Parenting Program
  • Kamaka Tarawa - Seniors Program

The Trustees

  • Naomi Waaka - Chairperson
  • Edward Duff - Treasurer
  • Dolly Walker - Board Member
  • Barbara Te Kare - Board Member
  • Debbie Kent - Board Member
  • Josephine Bartley - Board Member
  • Ngariti Rice - Board Member
  • Filipo Levi - Board member
  • Craig Ioane - Board member

Our History

The service was initially established in 1979 as a Family Support Centre for women in the Glen Innes Community.

Its original site was the old Boyd Centre in Taniwha Street. It was moved in 1987 to the Glenbrae House, and in order to meet the growing needs of women the Glen Innes Women's Centre was formed.

The main focus of the centre was to give immediate support to women and their families, and it progressed to preventative programmes to give holistic support to women. A natural progression has seen the centre extend its services to the elderly and youth.

The broadening role of the centre was reflected in its name change in 1994 to the Glen Innes Family Centre. With qualified staff joining the centre, community research has been carried out within Glen Innes and surrounding areas by the centre.

In response to a growing need in the community, Drug and Alcohol Counselling and a Budgeting service were added in 1998.

In August 2001, a Social Worker was employed to provide family support to families at risk in Glen Innes. The Centre's activities are overseen by a Governance body, is headed by the Manager and operated by paid staff and volunteers.